TSPA Howell Hosts Sam Villa Workshop with Andrew Carruthers

  Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa taught an exclusive, hands-on workshop at The Salon Professional Academy in Howell, NJ on Monday, May 8th. The workshop garnered 17 attendees; focusing on advanced hair cutting technique, long layers and short haircut.

TSPA Howell students were amazed. “They were able to observe a workshop that professionals were paying hundreds of dollars for. They also observed, no matter how long you are in the industry, folks will still take classes to enhance their skills.” said TSPA Howell owner, Sujal Wadhia.

Sujal shared that having the exposure of professionals who can come in and see the academy and refer friends and peers is a great benefit of hosting a workshop at the school. The event was a huge success and Sujal and Jyoti Wadhia would absolutely host an event like this again.